Guess this laptop and win True Launch Bar


The good people at TrueSoft have ponied up another prize to give away to one lucky reader of jkOnTheRun.  They previously gave us a personal license to True Launch Bar which we gave away a few weeks back and now they have upped the ante and we have a Home license for True Launch Bar ($49.00 value) which is good for up to four computers for the winner!  True Launch Bar is a great utility that I reviewed recently and it’s a good deal for the winner.  I had a hard time coming up with a contest to justify such a good prize and decided to make it sort of a web scavenger hunt.  The first person to post the correct make and model number of the mystery device in this photo (under the Sony U750) will get the Home license for TLB:


(Note:  anyone who is in a position to already know what this is due to some involvement with me (i. e. I told you) is not eligible)



Is this the same unit here?

Just curious. I looked at the unit above before finally settling on the Panasonic R4. Haven’t looked back since. Any plans to review the R4? If not, I’ll be happy to type up a babbling report of some kind. :)


Any News on the review before I fork out the cash for one?


Robert, I am working on the review now but as these things usually do I am running behind. I only had the standard battery to test which clips onto the back of the JVC and provided about 3 hours of life.


Am looking for any details on the JVC Interlink MP-XP741. Seriously considering one, but am curious about the claimed 9.5 hours of battery life with the extended battery (and how big is that thing anyway).

So far I can’t find any reviews or comments on it.

That review coming soon? :-)


Wow, this machine is beautiful.

I, too, prefer the stick.

JK, the trick to this stick is to set the mouse to the highest speed and sensitivity. after awhile your fingers learn how to lightly, but quickly and accurately, move the pointer from one point to another.

that’s how i’m doing it on my Thinkpad T41. Touchpads cause funny ergonomics.

and i love the Flybook, too. i would buy both if i had that much money to spend on a “PDA”…

we need more cost effective mobile solutions.


Alslayer – work bought the JVC for me. So I didn’t lay out the cash.

JK – it loosens up. I hate trackpads, and prefer the stick. I will agree that at first, the stick is very stiff. If you use it a lot, the fuzzy top stuff rubs off. Mine is very responsive.


Oh yeah … I will most likely swap the HD for either a 7200rpm or a bigger one (5400rpm 100GB), and then upgrade again when the new 7200.1 100GB from Seagate or the Hitachi 7K80 are released.


I just got a MP-XP741 from Dynamism. Work paid for it. I am using it way more than my U now. I have 1.25GB of RAM in it, and once I get the right Torx bits, am going to try to expand it to 2GB and replace the Japanes keyboard with the US.

Fantastic unit. Can’t say enough. I will always love my U70 … but the 741 is so much more useful because of the memory. I was running 4 VMWare virtual machines, PPT, and still had plenty of room to spare in a demo.


I’m looking forward to your review, James. Actually, if it were a tablet, I’d have already ordered (despite what my wife says). If they can put a 60 gig drive in that, I wonder why Flybook can’t.


I think the file name and alt/title tags on the image may have helped figure out the manufacturer if he/she didn’t know already. ;-)



Congratulations, Mohebius! It is indeed a JVC Interlink 741 and you even got the official model number correct! I am evaluating the JVC for a review coming very soon and it is a sweet sub notebook. But that’s not what you care about, it’s the True Launch Bar Home license! Email me the real name and email for the license and I’ll make sure TrueSoft gets your license to you via email.

Congratulations. That took all of 5 minutes. :) How did you find it?

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