Griffin EarJams

Griffin EarJamsApple’s earbuds hurt. Plain and simple. They just hurt. I have yet to talk to someone who thinks the stock iPod earbuds are comfortable or even stay in their ears good. Upon realizing within the first 5 minutes of wearing the Apple earbuds that they were not going to cut it, I began my search for something comfortable. Something that sounded good, didn’t rub my inner ear raw, and actually stayed in my ear. That’s when I stumbled upon the Griffin EarJams. I was a bit skeptical at first that they would be worth it but decided to give it a go.

EarJams are actually snap-on covers for your existing Apple earbuds. They are not standalone headphones, so don’t order them thinking that. The snap-on EarJams have a rubber end piece which is what goes in your ear instead of trying to shove in those dime size earbuds that Apple sends you. They come in 3 different sizes so you can find the perfect match for your ears.

What amazed me right away when I put them in was the bass response. The low end of all my music was exceptionally clearer. Also, apparently I’m an old man because I usually have to turn the music all the way up to get a sound level that’s acceptable to me. What’s nice about the EarJams though is that 1) They raise the overall volume of your earbuds (up to 10db according to Griffin) and 2) They blockout external noise. Not all external noise, but quite a deal more than without them.

The little rubber earbuds are very comfortable. They also stay in your ears. I took them with me when I went running and they, for the most part, did a good job of staying in. The cord length of the Apple headphones is a bit short for me so when I was jogging I would sometimes accidently pull them out. Maybe that’s just me being clumsy though.

Overall I highly suggest these fine pieces of ear candy. They’re a bit on the steep side of pricing for 2 pieces of plastic and a few pieces of rubber at $14.99, but well worth it in the long run. Especially since you get a stellar carrying case to hold your new EarJams.

*Note: Earbuds that came with first and second generation iPods are NOT compatible with EarJams. Consider yourself warned.


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