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Griffin EarJamsApple’s earbuds hurt. Plain and simple. They just hurt. I have yet to talk to someone who thinks the stock iPod earbuds are comfortable or even stay in their ears good. Upon realizing within the first 5 minutes of wearing the Apple earbuds that they were not going to cut it, I began my search for something comfortable. Something that sounded good, didn’t rub my inner ear raw, and actually stayed in my ear. That’s when I stumbled upon the Griffin EarJams. I was a bit skeptical at first that they would be worth it but decided to give it a go.

EarJams are actually snap-on covers for your existing Apple earbuds. They are not standalone headphones, so don’t order them thinking that. The snap-on EarJams have a rubber end piece which is what goes in your ear instead of trying to shove in those dime size earbuds that Apple sends you. They come in 3 different sizes so you can find the perfect match for your ears.

What amazed me right away when I put them in was the bass response. The low end of all my music was exceptionally clearer. Also, apparently I’m an old man because I usually have to turn the music all the way up to get a sound level that’s acceptable to me. What’s nice about the EarJams though is that 1) They raise the overall volume of your earbuds (up to 10db according to Griffin) and 2) They blockout external noise. Not all external noise, but quite a deal more than without them.

The little rubber earbuds are very comfortable. They also stay in your ears. I took them with me when I went running and they, for the most part, did a good job of staying in. The cord length of the Apple headphones is a bit short for me so when I was jogging I would sometimes accidently pull them out. Maybe that’s just me being clumsy though.

Overall I highly suggest these fine pieces of ear candy. They’re a bit on the steep side of pricing for 2 pieces of plastic and a few pieces of rubber at $14.99, but well worth it in the long run. Especially since you get a stellar carrying case to hold your new EarJams.

*Note: Earbuds that came with first and second generation iPods are NOT compatible with EarJams. Consider yourself warned.



ACOUSTIBUDS work really well. They are silicone adapters that stretch over most generic-style earbuds, including those for the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune. Check em out! They really work!


The iPod earbuds hurt my ears and I now wear Sony headphones. I wish I had seen this item sooner.


I can’t use any earbuds they have always hurt me and especially the ones on my Ipod now. I have an Ipod Nano and am looking for something to let me listen to my music. I am going to buy some earjams hoping it will help. You can get them on Amazon for about $8.00 so if they aren’t good then I can easily buy a new set of headphones that works for me.


OK, I don’t know what you all are on, but the 5th generation iPod earbuds HURT BAD and SOUND WORSE. I quite enjoy my Griffin EarJams for many reasons: 1) they allow me to turn the volume to the lowest setting, 2) I have heard harmonies/background vocals/bass/lyrics that I have previously missed even on my stereo, 3) they are comfy, 4) you can get them for $10-15 if you are willing to look at places like BestBuy, and 5) I don’t care how I look if I can enjoy my music to the fullest!


Painfull indeed. I’ve had my 3rd Gen iPod for less than a week. Four days to be exact. My ear canals HURT. I mean really badly. Worst pair of ‘buds’ I’ve ever used.

In fact, the worst headphones I’ve ever had as far as comfort goes. The sound isn’t terrible, but low frequency response is pathetic.

Since I’m also an active drummer, I’ve pretty much decided it’ll be worth the money for some good in-ear monitors (uber headphones). I’ve used a pair recently, and must say… those were sweet.


I picked these up to try out. While I will agree the enhanced lowrange and overall volume increase is impressive, the sound quality is sub par. The stock earbuds fit me very well, and the sound clear. The earjams seem to cut the audio off at about 7khz up, and then reduces everything from there down to about 2khz. Talking AM radio sound here. I give them a 1 out of 5


I have to disagree. EarJams are a huge step backwards in sound quality. I have no problems with Apple’s standard earphones (as long as sponges are on, they stay in, but they are comfortable with or without them) and they are certainly not ‘painful’ to anyone i’ve spoken to.

EarJams certainly increase bass, but in a bad way. Their echo chamber appears to distort and ‘muddify’ all the sounds in the lower and mid-ranges, and even the EQ settings for Bass Reduction or Treble Boosting cannot compensate. Apple’s In-Ear earphones do a better job, but they don’t fit me all that well. Sony’s in-ear ones are rather good, but my advice is that if the regular Apple ones fit you fine, stick with them instead of wasting a good deal of money buying and trying all these other alternatives as I have.


You are missing the essential bits of information that a) the apple ‘phones are absolutely shocking soundwise, b) you still look like a tit on the tube with your white headphone/cord, which is so 2004.

Got me some Sony groove headphones, massively superior.

Clint Ecker

I’ve used the apple earbuds for almost 2 years now and they fit just fine :)

Wanna meet for lunch so you can finally say you’ve met the white elephant? :)

Chris Lawson

That would explain why I always wonder what people are on about when they complain about the iPod headphones. I have a 1G, and its earbuds are quite comfortable. Apple must have changed something quite a bit for the EarJams not to fit the older ones, and that change is probably what’s making the newer ones so widely reviled.


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