1 Comment has a big piece on America Online and its plans to launch a VoIP service sometime next month. Its got the usual stuff, and the company will do the usual things – offer flat rate service for $25 a month etc. Sign-up for Time Warner Cable, and get a special deal perhaps? The article makes out that there may be some kind of friction between Time Warner Cable and AOL as a result of competing VoIP offerings. It is still too early to say if that is going to happen. Okay having read the article, I have a good feeling that the announcement will come at VoN next week. Actually you don’t have to look hard: Jonathan Miller of AOL is one of the keynotes. VoN is the premier event for VoIP crowd. Ergo, AOL VoIP @ VoN.

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Aswath Rao

Since TW service is fixed to a singlre location, they could offer an ancilliary service via AOL while the customer is visiting another location. This way they could maintain brand difference and still offer service parity with other service providers.

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