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M-books fill in movie gaps

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Join the Community! has linked to an interesting story about South Korean company Booktopia launching a series of mobile e-books about 29 Korean hit movies. The idea is that the “m-books are expected to stretch movie lovers’ imagination by covering scenes omitted in the real movies”. I’m not sure of the appeal of a text-based book to many people, but a similar service using video would probably be pretty successful. If a director found the need to cut a particular scene from a movie (because of time considerations, or ratings problems and so on) the scene could be offered as a video clip on mobile phones. Obviously, the movie would have to be reasonably successful and the scene would have to be complete in itself, but that situation occurs frequently. Most of the time these scenes are left to rot or saved up for the “Special Directors Cut DVD extravaganza”, but the industry could probably make some extra money offering the scenes to mobile users without cannibalizing the DVD business…