IPWireless’ new wonder chip


IP Wireless has just introduced a new chip that allows carriers who have spectrum in the 450 MHz band to bring UMTS/HSDPA services to the market. The company claims that the new product can allow up to 7.5Mbps on the downlink and up to 3.6Mbps on the uplink per sector in 2005, with a near doubling of these numbers expected in 2006. More realistic speeds would be in the 2 megabits per second range, still it is a good move from a company which has been on the fringes of the wireless business despite having a good product. I saw the demo last year and was suitably impressed. The company faces an uphill battle in a market dominated by the likes of Qualcomm. But from the looks of it, they could find some traction in markets outside of US, like Eastern Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

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