Copernic Desktop Search 1.5 beta available


Copernic has long been my favorite desktop search and the new beta version 1.5 that has just been released further cements that position.  There are so many new features that I will list them all after the jump but of significance for Thunderbird users Copernic will now search Thunderbird emails, contacts, and attachments.

(via The Office Weblog)

New Features:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird email search
    • Indexing of emails, attachments and contacts from Thunderbird 1.0 or later
  • Eudora email search
    • Indexing of emails and attachments from Eudora 5.0 or later
  • Smart indexing of network drives
    • Full support for indexing network folders
    • Intelligent detection of network connection availability
  • Improved metadata indexing for pictures, music and videos
    • Search within JPEG picture comments (using EXIF metadata)
    • Search iTunes songs by artist, album, etc.
    • Metadata indexing for QuickTime movies and OGG audio files
  • New information pane listing additional categories with matching results
    • One-click access to related results from other categories
    • Display of match count per category
  • Buttons to instantly seek to highlighted search terms
    • New word-find buttons allowing to jump from one keyword occurrence to the other within document previews
  • Previewing of found pictures, music, videos and contacts
    • Filmstrip viewing mode for pictures
    • Embedded player for audio and video files
    • New preview pane for contacts
  • Improved usability
    • Added "Print" and "Delete" commands for Outlook emails
    • New filter to narrow picture searches by size (small, medium, large)
    • Improved option tab for managing custom file extensions to index
    • Customizable colors for search term highlighting
    • Numerous user interface improvements (redesigned preview panes, redesigned Web search toolbar, new keyboard shortcuts, etc.)
  • API for adding custom file indexers
    • New COM API allowing third-party developers to create plug-ins enabling new file type indexing (view PDF documentation)

Other Improvements/Changes:

  • 20 file types have been added to the default list of types to index
  • Wildcards can now be used to add custom file extensions to index


hubert goeldlin

does it exist the research program Copernic version for Pocket PC, Thanks

Marc Orchant

Well that stinks! I’ve reported it as well. We should keep making noise until they acknowledge this and fix it. It appears to be bad coding on the popup window the deskbar uses to filter your search request.


Darned TIP has a mind of its’ own. suppose should be support.
I have submitted a bug report, if anyone else with a tablet notices the ‘flashing, unusable SP2 TIP’ in the taskbar search box, please report it as well.


Thanks for posting this. I’m glad they included thunderbird suppose. Now if the TIP wouldn’t go crazy when using the toolbar box, it would rule.

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