Can I Replace My Desktop PC with a Pocket PC?


I just received the April issue of Pocket PC Magazine and found an excellent article by my good friend Don Sorcinelli of Boston Pocket PC that chronicles an experiment he recently conducted by using only his Pocket PC for 5 days at work.  Don’s article is an interesting look at attempting to use his Dell Axim X50v Windows Mobile Pocket PC along with some accessories like a keyboard as his sole computer for this period.  Articles like this are very useful tools to show how capable current Pocket PCs are today and Don recounts his experience in an entertaining and accurate way.  The Pocket PC Magazine web site has not been updated with this new issue as of this writing but you can find Don’s article on page 71 of the print edition.  This type of article is exactly the kind that jkOTR readers will likely find useful as it chronicles the real world use of the mobile device and provides all the details you need to know exactly how he did it.  Great read.

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