Wireless Security? Where?

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Laugh as we may about the Paris Hilton and her hacked SideKick, one thing is clear: it is a wake-up call for the entire wireless world. I think the device makers and others need to start taking wireless security more seriously. Bob Metcalfe, in a chat told me that wireless was the new platform, and like all platforms we need to make it secure. Bill Day recently pointed out that there are 30 known viruses that are targeting the mobile phones (versus 112,000 PC viruses.) [A lot of people are talking about Cabir now, but I had blogged about it earlier. ] With more than a billion users using phones as their primary connection – data and voice – and m-commerce becoming more of a reality, expect more attacks. As an aside, RIM’s new servers have features that allow phone operators to turn-off and wipe out the devices “over the air.”

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