Paris Hilton’s VoiceMail Hacked As well

So while we are all having a good night in Paris (Hilton) phone, another hacker went ahead and hacked not only her but Vin Diesel’s voice mails. This should scare you more – because it can happen to any one of us. Kevin Rose exclusively reports that

a hacker gained access to both Paris’ and Vin’s private saved voicemail messages. I was contacted anonymously and shown proof of the hacker’s ability to access these private saved voicemails. The hack is a simple one that I duplicated easily. If you have Sprint or T-Mobile and have auto voicemail login enabled, you are vulnerable to this type of attack.

This happened thanks to two programs, TeleSpoof and Covert Call.

CovertCall offers free call recording, so the hacker was also able to save the voicemails to disk

Russell Beattie has an indepth piece on the importance of mobile security in an increasingly wireless world. And a bonus link to Paris Made Me Change my Number T-Shirt shop