New I/O tech boosts performance


Intel has developed a new I/O Acceleration Technology that accelerates the performance of applications, and will unveil this technology at Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. The technology boosts the speeds between networked clients and servers. I/O is a big bottleneck for networked applications despite higher network speeds and processor muscle. What really happens is that despite the applications being accessed faster over big fat pipes, the processor cannot get the data piped in for processing at same speeds, thus taking a toll on the performance.

“You have Gigabit Ethernet on the network, but applications haven’t been responding faster in the light of that,” Stephen Chenoweth, marketing manager for the project at Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group told VNUNet. IBM also has realized this and has come up with a new architecture, x3, which boosts the performance of four-way Intel powered processors, in a bid to beat Dell and HP in the low-end server business.

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