Juggling files and OneNote

What is New in Tablet PCs has posted on a subject that is often on the minds of Tablet PC and UPC owners.  Many owners of these devices have other computers, desktops or laptops that they also use and need to keep important files synchronized between all of them.  OneNote users especially can feel lost if important notes are taken on one computer and not present on another when you need them.  Lora Heiny says in her post that she has taken to use a USB flash drive to manually move files around her PC ecosystem, a route taken by many.  I use my 40 GB iPod to do the same thing but there needs to be a better way.  I have threatened to try and keep all my OneNote files in particular copied to public folders on my Exchange Server so they are always available from any computer I might be using but I am still confronted with the prospect of trying to automate that so I don’t forget to copy them regularly.  What methods are you using to deal with this nagging problem?


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