I don’t care!


One last time- I don’t care if a celebrity’s phone or Sidekick gets hacked.   I really don’t.



FYI – The House of Wax remake was made in part at Movie World in Queensland. During the filming Paris apparently knocked over some candles and burnt down the studio….


Hey what’s wrong with sharing that information, at least I got a date with Avril now, thanks to the phone number in Paris’ Phonebook.

Marc Orchant

I’m with you pal… why are people so interested? Especially in this talent-less party chick? I just don’t get it. FWIW, I saw a trailer for the remake of “House of Wax” this weekend and she’s in it and appears to provide no value besides cleavage to the movie. From the trailer, it looks as though the director was smart enough to keep her speaking parts to assorted screaming and other essentially non-verbal exclamations.

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