Baseball Break


Despite the steroid scandal, Jose Canseco and bitching by *world champion* Boston Red Sox, I am looking forward to Baseball this season. Boston versus New York will be games to watch, and I am all set to commit the money to Excited because I love Baseball, it reminds me off all the good things in life imperfect people can achieve. It reminds me that the glow of the game is better than the glow of a cathode ray tube.

It reminds me, how much I have become part of my adopted home. I know a lot of people would not agree with me, but if ESPN was real journalism, they would show a little less bias for Sox. Screw them – I hope Fox Sports kicks their arse. Lastly, there are many of you who know I love cricket too. Pakistan versus India is going to go on the air around the same time as Boston versus New York.

Lastly, Jason Giambi will be the comeback of the year – I believe in redemption, even for those who have fallen for steroids for personal gain. Lastly, Curt Schilling versus Randy Johnson…. may the richest team win ;-)

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