XConnect, Common, Bubbler & Palamida

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Here are four start-ups, I found across the blogsphere which others have found interesting.

Common, another social network

XConnect went live, with its interconnect service for VoIP providers. James Enck asks, “I’ll be very curious as to what the members do in the way of tariff offerings around it, and who else signs up.”

Ed Sim writes about Palamida which makes software that “works like an antivirus scanner looking into code and checking against its compliance database to catalog your code base, identify whose components you are using, and then providing the user with the associated license and contact information. Increasingly IP compliance is becoming a big deal, especially when you talk to CIOs, and incorporating this type of automated scanner early in the development process can save customers a ton of headaches and potential dollars from law suits.”

SiliconBeat on Five Across and Bubbler: : “At its simplest, Bubbler is a hosted a blog service, not unlike Blogger or TypePad. But instead of updating their blogs through a browser-based Web form, users post entries through a Bubbler desktop application (downloadable for free). This makes it simple to drag photos, audio and video files, office documents or just about any other type of file into a window and have them uploaded to your site.”

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