Vonage, Skype, Teleo

While I was away there were some developments. For instance all the big players quickly denied that they were blocking Vonage. So it is still a big mystery. Broadband Reports has some sporadic reports. Talking about upstarts, Tom Markiewicz has a nice round-up of Skype News. Skype has joined the mile high club. The company’s software was used by a blogger over Boeing’s Connexion broadband service at 30,000 feet to complete free calls. Time to kiss Verizon’s Airfone goodbye. Engadget says not so fast – some of their readers did not have such a great experience with the offering. Skype guru Stuart has an interesting post on Teleo.

“Still I’ve played with it and it is at best a Vonage substitute,” he says. ” I’m looking at it as a temporary way to dump my Vonage line. At the moment it’s another smart PoIP play. It’s most likely to hurt Vonage and similar competitors. It won’t do any damage to Skype.”


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