Paris Hilton Sidekick Hack Scandal

Update 02/21/2004: Drudge Report says a lot of her star-friends are pissed off at Paris Hilton. FBI has started an investigation. Victoria Gotti told the New York Daily News, she was going mad because of all these calls she was getting. Look on the upside: you now have a chance at your 15 minutes of infamy!

Paris Hilton – baby your 15 minutes are over – thanks to some hacker who mucked around your Sidekick and posted personal information of all your peeps – including the ones who have not made videos with you and some sizzling shots on the web. Whoops! You are friends with Vicki Gotti! Well no one can accuse you of good judgment or for that matter good taste. If I was you, I would stick with a little black book and analog cameras. Also don’t make any more videos – the ones already in circulation are not that good anyway. You can’t hold a candle to the real P**N stars. (PS: the site is off the air, but anyone have mirror info, leave that in comments!)