Extreme Limit cases for Sony U750


Japanese case maker Extreme Limit has two new cases for the Sony U750.  Crafted from black leather the two models are specially made for the Sony and both offer a flip up stand that props the U at an angle for working with the keyboard.  One model is a standard case with some slots for a few memory cards and the other model is designed to carry the Sony keyboard with the U and fold open for using the keyboard and the U without taking them out of the case.  Prices are approximately $100.

Extreme_limit_u750_case_b U70_top_click U70_2_left_click



Exactly, PA. Perfect case if it supported the large battery.

Arebel – for the $ I shelled out for the Xigma, it should have been perfect. It wasn’t, and I wasn’t going to go tearing apart their leather work. If that was the choice, I might as well have designed and built it myself. Plus, the standing ability of the Xigma case was laughable. The CKU1 was a billion times better.



The Body-Suit for VAIO U70/U50 Series Multi-organizer model is so sweet.

It holds the keyboard.

No extended battery support and $99.50 USD? Nuts.

So close to perfect.


Allan: I use the Xigma case and have made minor modifications. I cut a hole on the top for the vents, bottom for the port – obviously can only use dongle and not the dock when in case – and put a flap of velcro on where the bottom is so that I can lift the flap to plugi n the dongle or lower it to put it in stand mode (where there’s now lots of velcro so the hold is secure). Working great for me. :D



The case will only fit the U with the standard battery. I e-mailed them and here is the response:
Regarding the Suit for Vaio U, we regret to let you know that extended battery can not be used in case with the stand, and that we do not have the plan to make it.

It’s a shame since it’s the case I’ve been looking for really. I’ll have to stick with the Sony CKU1 case, as the Xigma was nice but the “stand” functionality was poor at best and did not have a port for the dongle. This case does not seem to either, come to think of it.

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