WOYP reviews the Tungsten T5

Jeff Kirvin is like a lot of techno-geeks, he can’t settle on one PDA for very long.  I have followed his Writing on your Palm blog for years and watched him go from Palm to Windows Mobile to Palm to Zodiac and back to Palm.  He recently got a PalmOne Tungsten T5 PDA and has written a nice review of the device from a useability standpoint.  Very good reading if you want to get a glimpse of a Palm PDA from the perspective of someone who knows both sides of the road.

It’s a sickness, I know. I can’t stick with a single PDA for more than a year. My Zodiac lasted almost nine months, the Tungsten T3 before it a month, the Tungsten E before that almost a year, which has to be the longest I had any single PDA. Part of it is my incessant need for change (I know, I know). But I gotta say as much as I loved the capability of the Zodiac, I missed my Tungsten E. The E was the closest to perfect I’d had in a PDA, which was why I hung on to it for so long. I only grudgingly gave it up when it became obvious to me that I really needed more than 32MB of RAM (irony alert: see below) and a 320×480 HVGA screen. The T3 was good and the Zodiac was better, but I remember telling all my friends I’d love to have a Tungsten E with more memory and a HVGA screen. That would be perfection.


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