Don’t skimp on your laptop bag


When it comes to a laptop bag I opt to go as small and light as possible. My laptop already weighs over 6 pounds by itself and to add a lot of weight with a heavy case just doesn’t appeal to me. I may have to rethink that strategy after reading this article in the Seattle Times. The author covers the state of laptop cases today and makes a good case for protecting your expensive laptop with a case designed to withstand abuse. Good reading for road warriors.

"Computer bags are critical to business professionals who are carrying their precious computer with them, which can be $2,000 to $3,000 of equipment," said Peter Cobb, co-founder and senior vice president of, an Internet retailer that sells more than 1,000 laptop bags on its site. "It has everything in their life in there — their spreadsheets, documents. To some people in the population, it’s pretty critical to protect their computer."


peter cobb

No, Bill Cobb of eBay and I are not related, but I would love to meet up with him some day. Peter Cobb


Good tip. I always worry about lighter bags being less durable…especially since i tote so many textbooks with my laptop. sigh.

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