Microsoft Voice Command reviewed


Voice_command_1Pocketnow had a good look at the latest version of Microsoft’s Voice Command for the Windows Mobile platform and have published a review on their site.  Voice Command is a program that lets you control your Windows Mobile device strictly by voice and is particularly useful on Phone Edition units.

My favorite new features in Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 are the added options for announcing incoming callers, and the "Phone Status" commands support. With the Caller ID announcement, you no longer have to look at the screen in order to tell who’s calling. Granted, IA Caller ID which comes pre-installed allows me to set custom ring tones to each caller, but that means I’d have to set it up and I’d have to remember what ring tone goes with what caller.  With text-to-speech Caller ID, it simply tells me who’s calling in plain English.

Check out the whole review to get a glimpse of this very capable program in action.


Keith Nelson

You seem to get some inside track – when can we expect Microsoft to really come out and support WM 5.0? VC needs an update, WM needs a business contact manager release, something for money …. any insider information?


Really a good program. I own it and used it for a while. But, it is too much of a memory hog for 64 MB devices, such as the 4700 and x50v, especially if one has the essential apps (Pocket Informant or AF, e.g.) loaded into RAM. Great product though. Hopefully it’ll be integrated into WM2005 (Magneto), and tucked in ROM.

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