iPod Disk Diagnostics

Perhaps this is nothing new for you, the intelligent readership of The Apple Blog – but it was new to me…
Ted over at PowerSDK posts about the death of his wife’s iPod. Sure, we’ve all heard about these things before, that’s nothing new – but the interesting part is where he includes the instructions for accessing the Diagnostics menu for an iPod.


1. Reboot your IPOD by holding down “MENU” and “PLAY/PAUSE”.

2. When you see the APPLE LOGO, Hold down these keys until the logo disappears:
“|< >|” – Next Button
“Wheel Button” – Center button on the Wheel

3. Suddenly you will hear a “Defender Fire” like sound and the APPLE will be backwards. You have entered the Apple Diagnostic Toolset

I’ve got a 3G iPod, and didn’t see the backward Apple, but otherwise it was the same as he said. Pretty cool to have access to these tools in case your iPod starts to go awry.

Perhaps these instructions are available somplace over at iPodLounge, but i’m not a regular reader there, and maybe some of you are similar to me in that aspect. So hopefully this was helpful at least a little bit…


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