Glucose monitoring watch- I want one

Glucon_watchDiabetics will tell you anything, ANYTHING that makes dealing with the chronic disease easier is a very good thing.  Glucon, a developer of glucose monitoring devices, has been granted a patent for a method of constant level monitoring using photoacoustic waves in blood vessels.  The flagship product the company intends to launch using this new method of monitoring is a digital watch / meter that constantly checks the glucose level in the bloodstream. 

Glucon’s flagship device, the Glucose Monitoring Watch, will display a continuous reading of the patient’s real time blood glucose level, enabling the patient to take the necessary measures to treat their condition. It will do so by marrying two proven scientific tools – photonics and acoustics. Ultrasound imaging is employed to identify a blood vessel and optical spectroscopy is used to quantify the glucose concentration within the blood vessel.

"Glucon has broad protection around the application of photoacoustic techniques for the measurement of physiological variables. Our prototype is currently undergoing extensive clinical testing, which thus far has produced promising results. We are also in the midst of upgrading the current prototype to be more mobile, flexible, stylish and comfortable,” said Glucon president Ron Nagar.

(MedGadget via Globes)


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