Glucose monitoring watch- I want one


Glucon_watchDiabetics will tell you anything, ANYTHING that makes dealing with the chronic disease easier is a very good thing.  Glucon, a developer of glucose monitoring devices, has been granted a patent for a method of constant level monitoring using photoacoustic waves in blood vessels.  The flagship product the company intends to launch using this new method of monitoring is a digital watch / meter that constantly checks the glucose level in the bloodstream. 

Glucon’s flagship device, the Glucose Monitoring Watch, will display a continuous reading of the patient’s real time blood glucose level, enabling the patient to take the necessary measures to treat their condition. It will do so by marrying two proven scientific tools – photonics and acoustics. Ultrasound imaging is employed to identify a blood vessel and optical spectroscopy is used to quantify the glucose concentration within the blood vessel.

"Glucon has broad protection around the application of photoacoustic techniques for the measurement of physiological variables. Our prototype is currently undergoing extensive clinical testing, which thus far has produced promising results. We are also in the midst of upgrading the current prototype to be more mobile, flexible, stylish and comfortable,” said Glucon president Ron Nagar.

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parviz yousefi

I am from iran
I have a type 1 diabetic family
He is a boy with 6 years old
I want to get information how I can order a glucowatch. How can I learn the price of this product?
Thanks in advance.
Parviz yousefi

Annette Kirby

Could you please tell me where I can get one of these watches from and how much they are. I live in Australia. Thankyou

Erdal Bakir

I am a type 1 diabetic from Turkey.
I want to get information how I can order a glucowatch. How can I learn the price of this product?
Thanks in advance.
Erdal Bakir

Ryan Gallagher

I am 12 years old and have had diabetes since I was 5 (7 years). I am most interested in knowing the price, release date, where I can purchse it, and would it be posible to get a pamflet on this product. And I would gladly wear this and test with it on a daily basis to test this product for the market.

Please contact or send to at 4 Tracey Ct. Morristown NJ 07960 phone # 973-539-6545

Paul Tipping

I have a son who is about to turn 6. He has been type 1 for about 3 1/2 years now and although his blood sugars are well controlled the watch would be a great addition to pricking his finger tips. I have looked at some makes but are to large for infants. Does anybody know where the Glucon watch can be purchased and the approximate cost. This looks a great product and I am sure would sell well.


Unfortunately the watch has never appeared in retail and the manufacturer does not reply to my requests for information about release dates. Sorry.

Joel Kinne

hi i just had a major kidney transplant due to diabetes and i am having great trouble controlling my blood sugars this watch would help me so much please let me know if it is available in canada and if not where can i buy it in the us and for how much and can u get the supplies for it in canada

thanks so much jk

yousef Tahrawi

| have visited your web site, and interested your product line, so can we have a chance to work together, if ok send me your opinion about the work in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And I need more details about products and the catalogues.

Waiting your reply

Thank you,,,

jason thompson

Hi everyone,i am a type 1 diabetic and have been for the last 9 years,my blood sugar control is altogether very good.My problems come at the night time when because im asleep obviously i cant test my sugars so sometimes have really bad hypos.As like any diabetic,it is a constant struggle to continuously monitor blood sugar readings throughout my day,im a carpenter and use power tools,nail guns,saws etc all day long and being a diebetic can prove to be sometimes dangerous.Diabetics partners also feel this struggle 10x as much as we do because they have to get our sugars back to normal levels and once a week might be ok but every night is a very big problem!!!!!!! This gluco watch idea sounds like the best thing since sliced bread to me and would help every diabetic immensly in maintaining a stable blood sugar level all day and night long helping everyone lead a normal life,at the moment cost of these things seems to be my biggest problem,im hoping blood glucose monitoring systems manufactures are working day and night on this because this early in the game there is a hell of a lot of money can be made so listen up and get busy!!!!!!! If anyone has a gluco watch and would like to talk to me about prices,results and overall performance of these watches,i would be very happy to hear from you because my cash is ready to be spent!!! Many regards,jason thompson

Joshua Allen

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for over 6 years now. My old endocrinologist tried the watch, as a trial, and explained to me that he like it and would definitely recommend it to his patients. Myself, being one of his old patients, would love to know how and where I may be able to purchase one of those glucose meter wrist watches. Not only would it help me monitor my levels closer, but it would also help to take a lot of stress off of my shoulders, especially being only 20yrs old and a full time college student. I would greatly appreciate all the help you can give me. Thanks again.

Shaka M. Shedeke

Please send me information about this product and any future up-dates regarding improvements and refinements. Thanks, Shaka M. Shedeke


PLEASE, if you find out that this is being sold in the USA email me to tell me, and if you could also give me the price that would be super! I really want one. Thanx!

declercq fabrice

I live in France, can you tell me if it would be possible for me to get a glucon, its price, how to do to get it (maybe on the site)
can you send me some documentation
thank you in advance

Beverly Hilliard

I really would like to know how I can obtain one of these glucose watches. I am a school teacher, and I live in Yokosuka, Japan. The US Naval Hospital does not support the insulin pump so I need to have some method that will help me to know when my blood sugars go low. I have been having troubles with my diabetes since I have moved here to teach, and I have had some extremely low blood sugars that have dropped my body temps to as low as 92.5 degrees. As well as the danger of that, my blood sugars drop so unexpective that I may drop to unconsciousness. It scares me as well as my 6th graders.
With this new monitoring, I can have prewarnings that I desperately need. Will insurance companies such as Blue Shield cover these monitors if your doctor prescribes it. My doctor, Dr. Storlie is trying to help me out since they do not support insulin pumps here at the Naval Base hospital.
Any info would be super!


Has anyone purchased this watch? If so where and how much was it. I live in the U.S. and have not been able to find a source selling this wonderful watch!!!!!!!!!!

respond to



juls, have you received your GlucoWatch yet? I posted about it a year ago but I can get no information out of the manufacturers about the availability.


;-) i have bought this for my 7 year old daughter.

not as good as the one described but checks every 30 mins without pricking your finger.

current dicounted price is $300.

i would love to get my hands on this one that checks the glucose every second but this is better than nothing until the other product comes out.

good luck.

alison mcloughlin

please let me know where i can get info and access to this glucose watch

gordon young

i,m a type 1 diabetic on insulin and have trouble with my levels and was wondering if this watch was available in austraila as i think it would be of great use to me as i’m a shift worker and i could keep a closer check of my levels during the day and night

thanking you gordon

Sigrid Licero

Mi papá, tiene 73 años, es diabetico y esta interesado en tener información del Glucose Monitoring Wath, vivimos en Cartagena, Colombia, Sur America.
Agradecemos su colaboracion.




My husband is a type 1 diabetic…We live in Canada and I would like to knowo how to obtain the new glucose watch..I know you can in the U.S.

lisa litchfield

I have type 2 diabetes, chkin my sugar 4x’s a day is really getting tiring, i would really love to have one of those watches, i’ve seen the price of a few and got bummed out, i’m tired of trying to guess if it’s low or high, than i have to run and chk it w/ my meter and all, being on disability, most likely i probly won’t be getting one anytime soon..but would like any info on it..thanks Lisa

Jonathan daigle

I am an athlete and a type 1 diabetic, I am constantly cheking my sugars to make sure that i am at my optimal performance. This glucose watch whould be the awsers to my prayres. as soon as you find out anything i would love to hear about it.

Jonathan Daigle, Age 15, Fredericton NB Canada


Unfortunately, I don’t believe the watch is in production yet. I am constantly looking for signs of its entering the market but have not found it yet. :(

Nancy long

Where can I get an glucowatch in the U.S., Canada or any other country for that matter?


Being a Type I Diabetic with very high and low blood sugars and having the insulin pump, I would give up my
time watch for the Glucon watch in a heartbeat. Please
let me know when the Glucon hits the market and tell me
more about its accuracy and the purchase price and type
of batteries and how often they need to be changed?

Ron Gray

I would like status and availability of the Glucon Monitoring Watch.

I can be reached directly if need be at 603-465-7775, or 603-305-8016 (cell)

I test 4-6 times a day, and have been insulin dependant since I was 16 and am now 63.

As a side note,I am also working with clients who have new research and a cure for both type 1 & 2 diabetes.
This monitoring watch would assist in validating the treatment.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I can be reached directly at 603-465-7775 or 603-305-8015

Ron Gray

b ryan

Is this cure something that we will hear about anytime soon, my 8 year old has had type 1 diabetes scince he was 13 months old, and illd love to know if the watches are available in australia aswell thankyou.

Paul J Manoogian

I know we’ve chatted about this before – briefly – but if there’s anything I can do to help with getting the word out to people at the ADA, please let me know. I’ve been feeding them with technology, locally, and it seems to work with helping those who suffer everyday.

Since I do long-hour volunteer work for the ADA, I’d be willing to help you find people willing to give you one of those watches. We should chat.

Great post, by the way!

Take care!!

A Miller

I am trying to locate a GlucoWatch as well. My fiance is 45 type 1 diabetic and we NEED something like this! He crashes very frequently.

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