Use a proxy with Verizon Wireless and save the fee


Vzw_logoGear Live points to a great setup tip for Verizon Wireless customers which lets you use a proxy server to access the Internet from your Verizon phone without the $4.99 per month fee.  There are complete setup instructions for a number of different phones with all the detail you need to configure you phone for free web access.


Jon Gallagher

Hmmm… doesn’t work for me (T720)

I used a proxy that works with my Firefox browser, but doesn’t work with my phone. I assume that I have to use the port desgnated by the proxy rather than the 9201 specified by my phone right? What else could I have goofed up?


Unfortunately that is true. It is the only way to cut down on automated comment spam which happens to every site.


I was going to comment on my not being able to get the internet connection to work on my Verizon phone BUT I have a different question….I hadn’t noticed on this site before that if you want to make a comment, even though you’re already logged into the site as a member, you need to post your name and email address. Is that correct ?

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