Moving Day & Moved… Club Om to open soon

I am dead tired. After coming from DEMO, all I have done is work, and pack. I am even dreaming of boxes and packing tape. Anyway today was the big moving day. The movers arrived promptly at 11.30 am, and since I was all packed and ready to go, well in an hour we moved. Into the new apartment – which is a stone’s throw from work – and well by 2.30 all the stuff was moved into the apartment. Mind you, the furniture is not going to show up for next few days, so I guess, I will be dealing with blogging while supine issues. I unpacked all the clothes, and shoes. The kitchen is functioning … I am sipping my first cup of coffee in my apartment. The bathroom is all set, and well, the only big task for me is to unpack three boxes and revive the digital lifestyle.

I am writing this and posting it over an AT&T UMTS connection, which is faster than most of the open WiFi connections in the building. Cannot really hook anything up right now because the network is not up – why? Waiting for the cable guy to show up and install everything. Then the toys will come out. Still, I feel elated. Love the new apartment and glad to be out of the old one. New beginnings!


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