Do you speak l33t?


If you have teenagers with cell phones they are no doubt spending many, many hours a month texting their friends.  An entire language used in texting has evolved known as leetspeak (l33t in texting language), short for elite speak, which kids are using for texting quickly and more easily.  Microsoft has published an article that explains the most common acronyms and helps parents understand what their kids are saying.   A Parent’s Primer to Computer Slang is a good article for every parent to read.



pht, leave l337 for the g4mers so that we can know whose l33t and whos a n00b.
And saying that its geekie is steryotipical. Just like saying girls can’t play video games.

And l33t isn’t just a languege using numbers, it’s MORE than that. Its also a form of makeing fun of common mispelings, such as ‘teh’, and using key board specific keys ‘ :)’ and using other langueges ‘ uber aws0m3 ‘ and much more.

1337 seperates us elite from the uninformed internet p33ps, and us 3l33t are strong belivers in it.

The_Irish_Jebus (formely known as NukesAgeek)

Seriously whoever wrote this article is a n00b.
|337 is NOT txtspeak/chatspeak. |337 is gamerspeak. why do i know this? cause i am a gamer, or rather, I s teh h4xx0r5, frckn n00b. Txtsp34k was based off of |337. L337 is done w/ keyboard/ speaking on console g4m1ng. txt speak uses many more acronyms. Like brb, myob. Gamers probably wouldn’t leave in the first place, or if they did they would just say back later. or for myob (as popularized by the cingular commercial) we’d just put STFU!. Another big difference is txtspkrs don’t swear alot (if at all). Gamer5 swear.


lol …is teh uber word known to man probly …then again ..everyone will say”lol” and “lmao” when they take a drink of LMAONADE …lol XD

Amy Arnold

I don’t like l33t speak either,It’s complicated to understand,stupid, & VERY annoying.I may still use the terms, lol or lmao, but most people do sometimes.I just don’t understand how you could even like talking like that,it’s hard to remember that 12 looks like an R when it really doesn’t!

I did use l33t before,but I didn’t know it was an ACTUAL language,I just thought It was something I thought of on my own,now I know I was wrong.Haha.

Parents should learn what they say & watch their kids more carefully because a moleter could be talking to them in l33t & poof your child has been raped.

I thank you for reading MY comment. :D

Leigh Haarer

Hi everyone,
My name is Leigh Haarer and I’m a producer with NewsProNet Television, a national TV news company. We’re doing a story on Leet Speak and what teens & parents need to know. We’re hoping to do a quick interview with a family. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please contact me at or 781-718-3324.
NewsProNet provides high-quality news pieces to more than 100 TV stations, which air the stories in their newscasts.
Thanks for your help.
Leigh Haarer, NPN


h3y 1 sp34k l33+ 2 my fr1end5 and s0me 0f th3m c4n und3rs74nd wh47 1m s4yin. In english for u non leet readers:i’m sayin it loud i’m a leet speaker and proud


L337 speak is for nerds,…thats not an offensive term, anyone who actually uses l337 speak will probably be proud of the title
WRONG! nerd is offensive, a nerd is an ugly person. g33k (geek) however, is a proud title.


Katie, I agree it is hard to find people who know TRUE 1337 today. This isnt a bad thing necessarily, its true form has been preserved from all those who overuse it on a daily basis for ridiculous things like counter strike. As to this post, I couldnt agree more with everyone who has said, no one would ever use leet in text messages. It would be useless. That is all. Also, 1337 15 |/|0|23 0|2 [355 7|-|3 5|-|17. That is all..


using l337 speak in text messages would be completely stupid, it would use way to many characters and type forever to write, whoever delivered this verbil vomit has missed the mark completely. L337 speak is for nerds,…thats not an offensive term, anyone who actually uses l337 speak will probably be proud of the title. L337 sp34|< 5|_|x0rZ ANYWAY!


1337 Has absolutely nothing to do with text messaging.

Try reading about IRC, the early 90’s and h4x0rZ.


haha back in my day it was pos (parent over shoulder). ahh the mid 90s, back when i had to convince everyone aim > icq :P



Does it equal 12? ;)

My favorite kid SMS abbreviation is…
PIR = Parent in Room (so be quiet and throw your clothes back on)…

It’s wonderful to be a parent these days. 8)

katie mayerchak

[337 15 [1|<3 |/|'/ ||471/3 [4||9|_|493 0|< ||0+ |234[['/ b|_|7 b3[13/3 1+ 0|2 ||07 ||0+ |/|4||'/ pp] |<||0// 7|2|_|3 [33+


I have two teenagers who started out using AIM and graduated to texting on cell phones. They both use a variant of l33t.


l33t is not used for texting. People use abbreviations for texting, like they do in instant messaging and chat. For most teens it’s about speed and saving on characters, so l33t would definitely be the wrong ‘language’ for this.


What’s wrong with this Microsoft article is who it’s directed to–parents.

This article is really h4x0r $p34k…hacker speak.

In Atlanta, they ran a news story on this for PARENTS and gave some great shorthand and a Website:

NIFOC Nude In Front Of The Computer (This is not good if you’re a parent)
A/S/L Age/Sex/Location (Can we say 40-yr old pedophile?)
AB Ass Backwards (swearing)
AFDN Any F***ing Day Now (swearing)

Hey my man, what it look like? PHAT. 8)


Wow, this is completely wrong. l33t speak came about from gamers online, it has nothing to do with text messaging.. people use shorthand like “r u there” (which annoys the crap out of me) for texts, not l33t speak. Anyone who knows the origins of this would agree.

It WAS cool for a little while about.. 6 years ago (1999ish)? Until everyone learned it back in, oh, 2001 or so, then it was just lame. ;)



when I was a teenager I couldnt be bothered to write anything at all in leet speek.

for one, it sucks. excuse the word but its just that. you’re not cool just because you write stuff like h4x or w4r3z.

then, most people I texted wouldnt even know what I meant if I say “dude teh p4rty! wa$ kewl, teh |-|@m wa$ yu// // y” (dude, the party was cool, the ham was yummy) and would just look pity me for my inferior writing skills.

I dont even remember using stuff like “u” instead of you or b4 instead of before in text messages.

its pointless and its pretty childish in my mind.

however, I have to say I find myself using stuff like “lol” or “lmao” in chats (and not in text messages) because those acronyms are typed out faster than laughing out loud etc.

more information on leetspeak:

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