70 Million 3G users by end of 2005


Nokia is feeling might bullish about the whole 3G thing and expects 70 million 3G users by end of the year. My various estimates – read different market research firms – show about 55 million 3G uses at end of 2005. So Nokia knows something more than analysts do. Mind you this doesn’t include at least two mega carriers – Cingular and Sprint – who are just getting started on their 3G journey. (Apparently I and 20 others pay for AT&T Wireless UMTS service in San Francisco, mostly for wide area networking service!) Still Nokia’s noises would come as welcome news for carriers like Vodafone and O2. After all they have spent many billions on their 3G networks. Nokia says that there will be nearly 2 billion mobile users by end of 2005, about 500 million more than current 1.5 billion. India, China, Brazil, and Russia will be the key markets for 2005, and will set the tone for rest of the planet. Africa is another mushrooming market.

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