Waterproof USB Disk from SanDisk

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I can’t tell you how many times my USB flash memory drive has gotten wet and been rendered useless.  I am always forgetting to take the flash drive out of my pocket before jumping into the ocean for a swim.  Fortunately for all of us, SanDisk’s got our back.  The Waterproof USB Drive comes with varying memory capacities up to 1 GB and is a ruggedized flash drive for industrial use, I guess.  According to the SanDisk press release they are targetting the waterproof drive at the healthcare market.  OK.

The Waterproof USB Drive is targeted at the fast-growing market for portable patient records, due in part to the national initiatives underway in Healthcare IT. The Waterproof USB Drive will enable patients that use personal health records (PHR) to easily carry their emergency medical information with them at all times. Depending on the PHR being used, the emergency medical file can be securely accessed by authorized emergency room personnel if the person is unconscious. A password provided by the patient to authorized medical personnel can unlock the patient’s full medical record.

(via Business Wire)

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