Battle of the Blowhards

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Think Fox News, except the participants are talking about HDTV and PVRs and all that crap. Anyway Phillip Swann, who grandiosely calls himself Swaani will take on Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff on March 15, at a panel at the 10th annual High-Definition TV Summit, produced by the Consumer Electronics Association. Swaan once called Josh, ‘Way-Off’ Bernoff.

Swann was referring to Bernoff’s record of overstating the future growth of TV technologies, such as Digital Video Recorders. In an analysis published by, Swann wrote that Bernoff and Forrester were frequently wrong about their forecasts, but rarely, if ever, actually admitted their errors.

Actually that is quite funny since Swaani is not shy and puts out press releases about his TVPredictions more often than an average American watches HDTV programming. His ego knows no bounds!

“Get ready for some fireworks,” Swann says. “I’m sure Josh and I will have much to talk about. If I weren’t on the panel itself, I would gladly pay to sit in the audience to watch this one.”

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