New Apple Store In Oklahoma City


Finally Apple is opening a retail store in my home state of Oklahoma. The new store is going to be located in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City. At this time it is unclear if this is going to be a full sized or a mini store. I am semi-surprised with the location. I figured that if they ever did open an Apple Store here it would be in either the much more upscale 50 Penn Place across the street from Penn Square Mall or in the slightly more upscale Quail Springs Mall. Penn Square is a more centerlized location than Quail Springs and it has higher traffic than 50 Penn Place does so it does make sense.

If you live in the area and need a job Apple is currently accepting applications.


Jerry L. Dodson

The apple store at Woodland Hill in Tulsa Oklahoma has opened. Their phone from ATT&T give you a fax ring.

My iphone will not sycronize after I have reinstalled itunnes, restarted my computer, restarted my iphone. Can;t get any answers!


the Apple store in Woodland Hills is going in the lower level below the food court area.. not sure on exact open date but it is definitely in progress, I hear the noise of the workers everyday..

Nichols Hills

Tulsans are all the same/always have to feel they are better/elite, well here is your answer you bunch of nincompoops/hillbillies- Nichols Hills is the reason- richer, better and 90,000 avg income/when you live in million dollar mansions you start to have an understanding of what it is like here-Oh and Norman is OKC- 10-15 min drive to the greatest univ. in OKLAHOMA/we also SHARE OSU. Who bought the Sonics/and Hornets dying to stay? answer=Nichols Hills and surrounding small/large subs, cities and businesses(you think all of OKC is the southside?). Bunch of hills you cant hike and no brains=tulsa. Oh, utica square/lovely tulips-hah,POLO store/give me a break. Tulsa is a condensed city and doesnt include all of the nasty areas/lower population(350 to 550) has a lot to do with median income-I have seen all of tulsa-cute little suburb/explains the slight difference in the “median income”. Get over it tulsans-no major interstate=no money. Do your homework and play catch up/tulsa is just a nice name.I was actually happy when tulsa FINALLY supported a “maps” like project- have a lot of freinds in the so called green country-they would be disgusted over the remarks you give my great City- because they have actually spent some time here and were always impressed-TIMES ARE CHANGING, GET USED TO IT. LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD.
river/southern hills nice-but not enough to cut it.
chewing on apples-getting healthier everyday.


Kenneth Aug 7th, 2005 at 4:12 am
“we dont even have a decent art supply store and we want an apple store?”


I’d like to see an Apple Store open at Tulsa’s Utica Square. It would be a good upscale location similar to the one in Dallas. I’m getting tired of all the mall
locations. I’d like to see more free-standing stores
throughout the midwest.


Bennie McElhaney

Comments posted concerning the new Apple store in Penn Square Mall are interesting. Most of them seem to have been posted before the store opened. I am the manager of PROMac Computers on Northwest Expressway about two miles west of Penn Square, and as it turns out, a competitor and Apple reseller. I lived in Tulsa about five years, and I am familiar with the shopping opportunities there. I really expected Apple to open a store in Tulsa, but I think they look primarily at the number of potential customers walking through the mall, not just the income levels of the population or the current reseller coverage. Their offerings tend to focus more on the iPod and less on computers. You’ll also notice that they invest in high-dollar window displays for first impressions, and spend no money on local advertising. Since the store opened, Apple users in Oklahoma City have offered mixed reviews. Haddock Computers has now closed their OKC location, and PROMac has relocated to a smaller space. At PROMac, we have begun to focus on our strengths, such as financing, Apple-Certified staff, parking at our front door, training, experience, instant rebates, academic bundles, and warranty service capabilities. Fortunately, the Apple user community in the Oklahoma City metro area is continuing to grow, and we hope to be able to join Apple in nurturing that growth. Thanks for the opportunity to speak up.


It would appear that Tulsa is slated for an Apple Store but the timeframe is unknown at this time. Woodland Hills upper level near the Gap is the suspected location. No activity as yet. The store will be on the small side being about 24 feet wide. After visiting the Apple store in Oklahoma City, all I can say is that anyone doubting Apple’s commitment to design need only visit one of their retail locations.


It would seem that the OKC Store will be open first; I am still wondering if anyone has taken a gander at the location to see what the progress might be. I have a good idea of where the Tulsa store will be but will have to look to see if anything fits the store profile in the mall. In any event it will be nice to have someone who is actually Mac savvy to talk to when it comes to products and services.


This is a reply to Normanite. I am not sure where or how long ago you walked on campus but there are hundreds of iPods roaming around campus. And now with the new nano and Motorola’s cell phone I expect to see more. I would say that at least 80% of the people wearing headphones on campus have iPods. And I have seen several powerbooks and iBooks on campus. I have owned a 17″ powerbook for just under a year and I will never look back to PC’s except for work and games. Work because you can’t get away from PC’s in the business world most times and games because Mac’s just don’t get the new games fast enough usually. I think if they had a store in Norman, Apple would spread through the campus like a very good virus. I’ll be at the Penn opening.


One thing I’ve noticed about Norman, it seems that nobody really shops there. For some odd reason, Normanites seem to drive to OKC and the mall to shop. I don’t understand it, since there have been so many good retail shops that have come and gone in Norman.


YES! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for years! I will be there for the grand opening, definitely. I live about 20 minutes from the mall, so I’m definitely going to apply for a job. I can’t wait.


This is a great thing, although most of OU-Norman is mostly Mac ignorant and about
5 years behind the rest of the country when it comes to ‘hip’ electronics (Spotting an iPod on the OU campus is incredibly infrequent). Maybe this will help. There are significant portions of the University (e.g The Oklahoma Climate Survey ) that are entirely committed to Macs, despite the University’s lack of support.


Quail is too far North to pull in people from Norman and 50 Penn Place is so far from hip is not even funny plus it stinks, the West entrance has smelled of dirty diapers for the last 6 months.


Anyone know when that “grand opening” might be? I haven’t been able to find any info on the progress. Apple does have their eye on Tulsa according to a map I saw on the internet.

Mike D

I have been using Apple computers since 1984. I consider myself a Mac Freak. I am very excited to finally have a store in Oklahoma. Granted it is not in my home city of Tulsa, which has a larger Macintosh community than OKC. But I dont have to drive to north Dallas to go see the new stuff. You can count on me and my friends being at the Grand Opening in OKC and I am sure Apple will open a store in Tulsa too. I can guarantee that I will fill out an application to work there too!!!


I don’t consider woodland hills mall a good location, incomes are marginally higher but i don’t believe customers are willing to pay Apple’s premium price (read=coupon clippers). If anything we might just get a very small Apple Store. we dont even have a decent art supply store and we want an apple store? im actually very annoyed at this city, so big yet so small. I will quote Hemingway, in my own reference to tulsa, “large lawns and small minds.”


Woodland is owned by one of the property companies that Apple is working with. Any idea on when the OKC store will open?

Will Young

I’m just glad Oklahoma is getting a store!! I’m moving to Okmulgee this coming fall …. wonder if Apple will open a store there;))

Steven Birkes

I am a little surprised that it wasn’t in Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa as well. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see one in Norman before Oklahoma City because of OU. Not far from Penn Square there is already a ProMac store and there is a Haddock close to Quail Springs and CompUSA which has a decent selection of Apple stuff is about halfway between the two malls.


I’m a bit surprised that the first Apple store is in OKC and not Tulsa. Tulsa has a higher median income and a higher number of computers per capita, an upscale shopping area (Utica Square) that reminds me of where most of the free-standing stores are, and the largest mall in the state (Woodland Hills). Here’s hoping a Tulsa store isn’t far behind (I hate to see OKC get things first.)

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