MCI CEO, or Mr. Confused

Now this is a hoot. This morning in a call with the Wall Street, MCI CEO Michael Capellas made a presentation, that claimed that MCI had 4500 pops, 3.2 million dial modems, 130 data centers and did business on six continents and 140+ countries. Funnily enough, something about this doesn’t add up. Capellas’ remarks don’t match up with MCI’s own numbers.

For instance, if you go to this webpage on MCI website, and you will find this information: MCI owns the world’s farthest reaching global network (based on company-owned POPs), and spans more than 4,500 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout the world, with 2.2 million global dial modems and high-capacity connections to more than 102,000 active buildings.

Another claim which doesn’t make sense – 130 data centers. Even at the peak of the dot com bubble, Exodus did not have that many data centers. This has to be a bogus claim. I checked on their IP network map, (click here to view it) and you find less than two dozen data centers. (Dan points out that Verizon CFO said they had nine data centers!)

The way I see it, someone did not read the corporate literature on the website which might not have been updated; or was confused about the whole state of affairs of the company or just simply made stuff up. Given that the problems at MCI/WorldCom were all due to non-integration of various disparate networks, one can assume that the executives don’t really now what all assets they have even now.