InfoSpace Equals GameSpace


UPDATE: I stand corrected. Elkware and IOMO were bought separately in the 3rd and 1st week of December, respectively. Atlas was bought sometime in June. The news is that they have now been officially integrated into Infospace Mobile’s new gaming division. Thanks guys for pointing it out to me!

Infospace, sitting on a mound of cash – $300 million to be exact – is getting aggressive in the mobile gaming market. Today, it acquired not one, not two but three mobile game companies. Like it did when it grabbed Moviso to become one of the leading ringtone sellers!

The three development studios–Atlas Mobile, IOMO and Elkware Catalogues–give the Washington-based company a strong position in role-playing, sports and puzzle-oriented games. More importantly, they also give it some much-needed porting and 3G-gaming technologies, thanks to Elkware. More importantly, operators like Verizon, Sprint and Vodafone are pressing for consolidation as well–they’ve made it clear they only want to work with a handful of publishers. InfoSpace Mobile CEO Jim Voekler says he expects the company to make several acquisitions this year–and there are certainly no shortage of targets.



Om, INSP bought all these companies over the last year or so…not all three together today. They just announced forming a unit overseeing these three today..

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