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Winner of the True Launch Bar giveaway announced

We received a number of very good entries to the contest for the True Launch Bar giveaway and choosing a winner was a difficult task.  It was so difficult to decide that I put all members with entries into a hat and drew the winner randomly.  I am pleased to announce the winner with the entry detailing how mobile technology plays a big role in their daily routine is:


Please email me with your name and email address as you want it to appear in the license and I will make sure you get your free license for True Launch Bar shortly.  In the meantime you can go ahead and download the trial version which will unlock with the key.  Thanks to TrueSoft for providing this free license for the great utility TLB.  Anyone interested in reading all the entries can find them in the forums.

7 Responses to “Winner of the True Launch Bar giveaway announced”

  1. Mike Cane

    There was a contest?! When? Seriously, I don’t pay attention to those things because I never win — even when I enter!

    I’m backlogged on PIC stuff — besides, I don’t have any machinery to do the kind of reviews you need.