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Review: Radtech Omnicleanz

I recently bought some Radtech OmniCleanz cleaning solution. In the past I have tried pretty much everything to clean my notebook displays, with no avail. Soapy water leaves residue, and is water… which is bad for electronics. Alcohol leaves streak marks. Along with my order I got a black Notebook ScreenSaverz mat (look for my review of this product in the coming weeks). So, I sprayed a bit of OmniCleanz on my iBook screen, and began wiping it down with the ScreenSaverz. The result was amazing! I have never seen my screen so clean and matte. Not only did it clean the screen, but it must counteract static in some way, because I have not seen the normal layer of dust return. Feeling quite pleased with my self, I decided to try the OmniCleanz on my glasses.

I recently got a new pair of glasses. They are all nice and sparkly with their anti-reflective/anti-scratch coating… until something touches them. I have found these things to be almost impossible to clean. No matter what I use, there always end up being grease stains stuck on them. I have tried alcohol, soap, dishwashing detergent, nothing helps. But after cleaning them with OmniCleanz and wiping it down with the ScreenSaverz, I can actually see!

OmniCleanz is without a doubt the best multi-purpose shiny thing cleaning solution I have ever used.

7 Responses to “Review: Radtech Omnicleanz”

  1. zachary Flass

    Have any of you tried alcohol/water mix? It’s what I use and it works great for me, 50/50 mix distilled water works best as there aren’t any minerals in it to be left behind.

  2. I used to clean my glasses by pouring on them water, then rubbing them with dishwashing liquid… then running water over them for quite long… it used to work very well! (hardcore!)
    I tried that with my macbook screen (well of course i didnt submerge it under water. It left a yucky oily screen on the display… dunno what to do next… I hope i didnt damage anything.

  3. Electric Monk

    That one where everything reflected is green?
    They’ve been improving it somewhat, my new pair from last year is way less green then 5 years ago.

    As for cleaning them go to a japanese paper store and ask for eyeglass cleaning cloth. It sucks up static, dust, and with a little rubbing everything else.

    Although the Omnicleanz does sound intriguing…