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Nokia-Microsoft Detente Clears Way For More Mobile Music

(sub. req.) From our sister site Welcome news from the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes: Nokia and Microsoft are working out a way to sync Nokia/Loudeye mobile music between Nokia handsets and Microsft Windows XP PCs. Even better, the deal appears to allow for easier connection and data movement between the two, which should make it easier to move music from other download services from the PC to music-enable Nokia phones. The solutions appear to be carrier, not consumer-based. Nokia is launching a batch of new music-enabled phones this year; Not sure yet how this affects folks like me with MP3-enabled Nokia models but I’m guessing we’ll be left out.

The WSJ story makes a lot of assumptions including the comparison of storage space on mobile phones to that of iPods, completely skipping over the rash of 1G-and-under portaable music players like the Shuffle and other devices. I have a 128 meg. storage card in my phone now and others have larger cards. Add the right software and headphones, and you have a substitute for the lower-storage MP3 players.
Nokia press release (pdf).