Mac mini competition: The Lepty

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In what appears to be an answer to Apple’s Mac mini, Japan’s Soldam has released the Lepty PC. It comes in a casing that has the option of a Pentium M or Celeron M process and a DVD-+R/RW/RAM burner. One plus (for the Jr. High girl in all of us) is that it comes in 8 different colors.

Soldam Lepty

There are a couple of catches though. The power supply is external and there’s no fan. Granted a nice chunk of heat is generated by a power supply, seems like you really should have atleast something moving some air around in there. And, from the look of that picture, there’s striking resemblance to a iMac G5 with an older model Apple keyboard. Some smells fishy and I think it’s the stinch of unoriginality.

Hat tip: Gizmodo

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