French Consumer Group Sues Apple/Sony.


A French consumer group has filed suit against Apple and Sony over their music services. The group argues that the companies are deceitful in the fact that their music will only work on their own players. This is the second challenge to Apple in the French courts. Last year, VirginMega brought suit against Apple to open up the iPod platform and remove the Fairplay DRM so that consumers could purchase music from other services. The Virgin case was thrown out when the French court ruled that, “access to (the iPod) isn’t indispensable to the development of legal platforms for the downloading of online music”.

If you ask me, the consumer group is suing the wrong people. Napster is unarguably the most deceitful music download service. Watch this case though, because this action could present a precedent for consumer groups this side of the pond.


Mark Wubben

Well, that’s what DRM is for, right? Locking up users and creating artificial monopolies. Perhaps they should sue the goverments which passed DRM laws?

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