Free McAfee WiFiScan


WifiscanMcAfee has a web-based WiFiScan that analyzes your wireless network for potential security problems.  WiFiScan can also be used to scan Hotspots to notify you if there are possible threats on the open network and suggest actions you can take to help minimize your risk.  Does not work on Firefox and requires installation of an ActiveX applet.

(via thewirelessweblog)


LaDonna Young

I lost components that run Virus scan. I am a licensed
user who downloaded the program,
how do I again gain acceess. Rush
please I am without virus protection


I just tried this on our office wireless, a system that two different network engineers checked over and pronounced bullet-proof…yet this test screamed “you’re vulnerable!” and then proceeded to list reasons that didn’t exist.

Has anyone run this and gotten a “you’re protected” sort of message? I’m suspecting this is a ploy to market their upcoming WiFi security software.




No, I just tried on the 2215 running WM2k3.

I read the files and it needs to install a Windows 2000/XP ActiveX control for it to function correctly.


Interesting James. Do you know whether their service can be accessed via a Pocket PC, so that I can tell if it’s safe when I’m browsing around in Barnes and Noble or Starbucks?

BTW, congrats on the podcasting!

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