DEMO: Features, Products, But No Markets


DEMO, is like one of those respected film festivals, cool when it comes to critical acclaim, but not enough to ensure commercial success. In the past some big ideas have made their debut at DEMO, but on its 15th anniversary, I have not found anything which I feel is a mega-billion idea. A lot of people think that you get a sense of the DEMO companies in the presentation room, but in my opinion, the real action is outside. In the lobby, out on the porch, and even in the bar. You talk to lot of people including dozens of venture capitalists, and you come to this conclusion – there are a lot of companies which are nice features, some products but no big markets in the making. I spent the entire day trolling the show only to find a handful of new companies that were impressive. Amongst the names you are likely to see make news over next 12-months – U3, Teleo, Sonaptic, Avvenu, Sling Media, iUpload, and StreamBase. I will write a more detailed report later – too tired to do anything right now!

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