The Podcast Network is live!


Anybody who has listened to the G’Day World Podcast with Mick Stanic and Cameron Reilly will surely agree that their shows are the most entertaining and delightful podcasts on the Internet.  Their lastest brainchild is The Podcast Network and an email I received from Mick today says the network is now live and the first two shows are available for listeners to get their headphones on.  Check it out, I’m listening to the first show now.  Oh and BTW, I hear a rumor they may have an announcement about The Tablet PC Show vewy, vewy soon.  :)  From Mick:

The Podcast Network is open for business.

Welcome everyone…I’m Mick Stanic, one of the founders of The Podcasting Network, and as the other founder, Cameron Reilly likes to say, “the code monkey” of the team. Being the code monkey means i get to look after all of the technical and day-to-day operational issues of this little endeavour, and as i just pushed the button to launch the site, its my honour to write the first post on our new site…but enough of me…on with the post.

Well, its finally happened. The actual opening of our first shows in The Podcast Network has become a reality. Some people said we were all talk and that we would never get it of the ground…phewy to you i say.

So what do we have to appease the podcast listening masses???

First up, the G’day World podcast is moving to its new home. You will still be able to get to it from the original website address,, but you will finally end up over here at its new hosting location. For those of you that have subscribed to the RSS feed from the original site, sorry, but your going to have to re-subscribe to the new RSS feed…but its not all bad news…we now have one feed for G’day World that gives you both the blog posts and the MP3 audio files. We will be keeping the old site open for a while as we will not be moving the comments posted over to the new site, and we have already switched of commenting at the old site as well.

Secondly, we have opened up our first new show…The Gadget Show.

The Gadget Show is hosted by one of the known “players” in the gadget blog field, Richard Giles who was responsible for bringing us Richard will not only be bringing us all news of the latest and greatest gadgets, but he will also be interviewing key people as can be evident by his first show in which he interviews Cory Docotorow. Lets all welcome Richard to the team, by visiting The Gadget Show and subscribing to the feed.

Thirdly, we have another show joining The Gadget Show as being first of the rank…please put your hands together for…The Mobiles Show.

The Mobiles Show is brought to us by a host with years of experience in the mobile phone field, especially in the European market…Ewan Spence. But its not just Ewan on this one…nooo…the “All About” team will be giving a helping hand and lending some occasional sanity to Ewans Scottish accent as required. For those of you who don’t know about “All About”, checkout their lengthy list of sites…All About Mobiles, All ABout Symbian, All About N-Gage, All About Series 60, All About Series 80 and All About UIQ. Oh yeah. a few more of those “All About” site are probably coming along as well ;) Ewan and the team will covering developments in the mobile/cell phone area’s from not only Europe, but around the world. His time spent as a leader in the mobiles area on the web, will also ensure that he gets some great interviews.

We have also launched this site, The Podcast Network Blog in which we will keep you up to date on not only the state of new shows and hosts but also to give you a view into the day-to-day running of a network media site which is living and operating on the edge’s of the known media world.

Stay tuned to this blog, because in the next few days we will also be announcing some of our other hosts who are currrently working on their shows and I think you will be as surpirsed as we are at how much of our little idea has become a reality.

So have a look around, subscribe to a few feeds, bookmark the site and enjoy…welcome to the future of media….welcome to The Podcast Network….

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