The Year of the HD Powerbook?


Speculation has arisen in the Mac community that Apple is planning to release a Powerbook with a display capable of high definition video. MacosXrumors has received an email from a very observant reader:

I noticed the new powerbook manuals have changed their wording from referencing the 1440×900 panel to:

Depending on how your Powerbook was configured, it may have a wide-screen display that has a “native” resolution of 1920×1200 or 1440×900.

1920×1200 is HD. Does this mean that Apple is planning to make a high def LCD available on its 17″ model? Or, perhaps Apple had once planned to do this, but has since postponed the idea to be released with the G5 Powerbook. Whichever is the case, a HD Powerbook would fit right in with Steve Job’s announcement that 2005 would be the year of HD.



Those are good points, but the thing that gets me is that it talks about a native resolution, not a maximum possible resolution.


I think the reason the Powerbook is capable of HD resolutions because its now capable to connect a Powerbook to a the high-end Cinema displays.


I think that may be referring to the ability to hook up a larger, external Cinema Display. The 23″ matches the 1920 x 1200. and with the 17″ powerbook coming with the option for a dual head DVI out, you could even hook up the monster 30″ Cinema Display.

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