Dmitry Goroshevsky, Popular Telephony Interview


I have written in the past about Popular Telephony and Peerio. So I was really interested in knowing more about what telecom insider like Martin Geddes had to ask Dmitry Goroshevsky. One question, that caught my eye – why do people need his Peerio products?

It’s like asking what need does the first commercial airplane fulfil. You could do it the old way, in cars, trains and ships. It’s just faster, better and cheaper. It’s the way we will communicate in the future. In the next 30 years we will have computers that, according to Hans Moravec, will be as powerful as a human brain. These computers will cost less than $1000. So, imagine: we will have a Fibre To The Home network with these powerful computers. How can this be served by a central device? If you apply common logic it’s just impossible, because the server side will need to mirror the storage and processing capacity of the edge.

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