Wireless Daily, Saturday Edition


  • MuniWireless: Rio Rancho unwired. $39.95 a month gets you 1.5 megabits per second download, and 300 uplink speeds.
  • Dial Up users, please pass go wired broadband and go completely unwired. Techdirt looks at how Tier 3 cities are all going wireless as a way to compete against the incumbents.
  • WiFi Net News: Boston is putting WiFi on many of its metro stations.
  • WiFi Legal in India finally. The government has turned 2.4 GHz band into open spectrum and also has allowed indoor/campus use of two more band – 5.725-5.875 Ghz and 5.15-5.35 GHz.
  • Glenn has started WiFiNetNews Europe with none other than nancy Gohring, who will somehow find time between pints to write from Ireland.
  • Glenn has also started WiMaxNetNews. Dude there goes your sleep.

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