The Skype phone from Firebox


Firebox_skypephoneSkype is one of those technologies that sucks you in with its simplicity and utility and once you start using it you wonder how you lived without it.  The ability to make free phone calls to other Skype users world-wide is extremely liberating to say the least.  I was talking to a friend in Australia for an hour the other night, something I would not be able to do on conventional phone lines due to the high cost.  Even given the utility, it sometimes gets to be a drag talking on the "phone" using a headset that looks like it came from the Star Trek movies.  You begin to miss the form of your standard phone.  Enter the VoIP CyberPhone from Firebox.  Providing a more conventional form factor for your Skype calls the CyberPhone is an easy to use USB phone that is small and attractive and gives you crystal clear calls using your Skype account.  Firebox has designed the phone to be very easy to install for novices and it doesn’t use your existing sound card, freeing it up for other things.  Oh, you can still plug in a headset if you wish.  30 GBP.

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Louis Philip

At I have been collecting links to Skype phones, Skype add-ons (like answering machines, Skype-Outlook plug-ins etc) and Skype communities.

I don’t think I’ve seen a cordless version of this phone, but there are certainly cordless versions of other Skype phones. I’ve already found more than 40 different “Skype phones” out there.


I was thinking the same thing when I saw this phone. Make a wireless version and they will come.

Marc Orchant

As soon as there’s an affordable cordless model, I’m in. Right now, the Etymotic headset is perfect when I’m on the move – it’s tiny and always accessible (plus I can pop it into my cell phone too).

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