Freeware of the Moment- nLite

Nlite_screenOur Freeware of the Moment today comes from jkOTR forum moderator LiquidBlaze and is no doubt one of the most powerful utilities you will ever find.  nLite is a free program that lets you do a number of very useful things, as long as you are careful (mandatory warning).  nLite lets you remove Windows components that you don’t want installed on your system, such as Outlook Express, Media Player, etc., so they don’t take up precious resources.  But it doesn’t stop there- one of the most powerful features of nLite is the ability to burn your own Windows install CDs.  These install CDs can reflect any modifications you have made with nLite, so if you removed Outlook Express your Windows install disks will not install it in the future.  Cool, huh?  nLite is also perfect for slipstreaming Windows Service Packs into your new install CDs so any future installs will already have the SPs in place, saving you a lot of time updating your new install.  These install CDs can also incorporate all your specific Windows hardware drivers so you won’t have to go look for them in the future.  Very solid performer and there is an excellent support forum if you have questions you want to ask.  Excellent find, LB!


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