First mention of the jkOnTheRun forums


This is the first web mention by someone I don’t know and have never spoken with personally (actually the very first one appeared here) that refers to a post in the jkOTR forums. How cool is that?  Thanks, Joe and Kevin!



Kevin C. Tofel

I had my digital pen hovering over the POST button with a comment like “Are you SURE this was the first mention?”, but at the last minute, pulled my finger off the trigger! ;>)

arebelspy is correct (and clearly has sharp eyes!), but I realized the intent of the post was for someone outside of “the official jk fan club” to trackback to the great forum! It’s great to see it getting the recognition it deserves…



arebelspy, you are correct and my apologies to Kevin Tofel. I actually saw the Lockergnome mention a few days back and really appreciate Kevin’s mention. Kevin and I are partners in crime and I should have worded my blog post properly to indicate what I really meant that it was the first outside mention I have seen. I do not know the guy at Joe’s blog that I mentioned and thought it was cool that people unrelated to me or jkOTR was trolling the forums.

Sorry, Kevin. Color me embarrassed.

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