VoIP Gadgets Galore


One day I decide to goof off and the Net News Wire is clogged with goodies. For instance, I discovered two pretty cool VoIP gadgets. Mitel has introduced a new kind of VoIP “phone bar” that is a speakerphone console, and a navigator which can launch other apps and is very tightly knit with the PC. Gruia calls it, “a phone with an innovative form factor that is easy to use, yet that can deliver a lot of powerful functions via PC client applications.” Meanwhile, Engadget points to Firebox VoIP CyberPhone. Its a Skype phone which plugs into your USB port and allows you to make out going calls in a manner you are used to – dialing on a regular phone! It is unfortunately not available in US for now. Update – It is available in the US here for $60