In Wi-FI, Cisco losing some steam?


In the fiscal first quarter 2005, Cisco Systems wowed everyone when it reported that it had managed to bring in about $220 million from LinkSys alone, a business that till recently was proxy for Cisco’s position in the WiFi space. In other words, it seemed blue skies ahead. But sadly it did not turn out that way, and according to Merrill Lynch, the company might be on a sticky wicket. Merrill pointed out that Cisco’s advanced technologies grew nearly $200 million sequentially, which is great news except, the growth came from storage and VoIP and not wireless technologies. (Hopefully AireSpace buy will help giving that little nudge the company needs ;-)LightReading adds: Cisco is still a comfortable number one in the enterprise wireless LAN market, but the prices of its Aironet standalone access point products are under pressure. The latest Unstrung Insider states that Cisco’s new 1230 AP product, priced at $999, is available for a street price of $650; and its 1130 AP, priced at $699, is available for $450, a 35 percent discount off list price.

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