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HP Does Not Need a Celebrity CEO

Wall Street Journal speculates on who could be the news HP CEO. They say, it would be someone with an impressive resume, and lots of star power, in order to restore Wall Street faith in the company. Names being bandied about are Ed Zander of Motorola and Michael Capellas of Compaq among others. First of all, HP should stop listening to those idiots on Wall Street. Look at the carnage Wall Street backseat driving has done – AT&T, WorldCom, HP. The list is endless. They supported the HP-Compaq merger, and now that it did not work out well, then they turned on Carly. They had their chance back in the day, and they choose wrong. So no need to pay attention to these guys. (Think about this – a dumb journalist got it right, and these guys who get paid megamillions to manage money couldn’t see the obvious!)

Celebrity CEO – well no one has more star power than Carly. She made the front page of New York Times for god sake. Which other CEO makes that kind of news, unless they are involved in a massive scandal, ala Bernie Ebbers. What HP needs is a low-key geek, who can get things done. I am pretty sure there are tons of them around – folks who understand the uniqueness of HP, its engineering heritage, those who can focus on work not marketing messages and hour long videos.

I have two names – Vyomesh Joshi – who has done a spectacular job of making HP printer business a cash cow that helps feed the entire operation. “H-P would risk losing credibility by choosing an insider because this is a company that isn’t succeeding,” Steve Mader, a vice chairman of Cleveland recruiters Christian & Timbers tells WSJ. What a joke – the guy who is making more profits for the company is not good enough. Oh wait these jokers are the ones who brought Carly from Lucent to HP back in 1999. If they want a celebrity CEO, well how about Steven S Reinemund, chairman and CEO of Pepsi. He is kicking Coke’s butt. Long shot? How about bringing Lou Gerstner out of retirement?

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  1. Sunil Chhaya

    Lou Gerstner was that name that came to me as well. He’s done it before and can do it again. In fact, his book ‘Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?…’ is a great roadmap for fixing an ailing IT company, and it was a lot of tough stuff, and it is also instructive as to Lou’s attitude towards Wall Street during those days and after. I don’t know if Lou has the interest in this, but he is a great example to follow.