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BlinkX revs it up a notch

check flagGentlemen…. start your (search) engines! BlinkX, my favorite desktop search tool (for windows/ it is pretty lame on a Mac) is getting ready to announce a brand new partnership with Revs.TV, which will bring racing content – you know F-1, rallies and motocross stuff – to BlinkX users. Consumers searching for Formula 1 content on blinkx TV, will for example, find footage of private track action, team stories away from the circuit, plus the latest cars unveiled by Toyota, B.A.R and most teams, which will be automatically linked to footage.

Now don’t confuse this with live broadcasts of the races, but think of it as a resource of a more archivial nature. You can catch some cool driving by late Ayrton Senna, Professor Prost, and Nelson Piquet. (You can guess my age, just by those names alone!) BlinkX indexes the entire video stream at source, which enables users to cut right to the critical moment in the action by typing a few words into the search box. Given that I am a big fan of formula one racing and rally driving, well could not have asked for more.