Advueu releases new mini Tablet PC

V800xpt2I have previously discussed my specifications for a mini Tablet PC that I feel would make the perfect compromise between mobility and functionality.  jkOnTheRun reader Matt has pointed me to an interesting Tablet PC that fits most of the criteria mentioned in my specifications for a small Tablet PC.  The Advueu V800XPT-2 is an updated version of the California company’s original Tablet PC that comes closer to an acceptable form for truly mobile use.  The small size of the V800XPT is due to the 8.4 inch screen which I think is the perfect compromise between portability and ease of use.  The screen is SVGA though, so it would have to be seen to determine how much utility it has.  The Advueu does have an extended battery that lasts over 5 hours of continuous use which is very good for the road warrior who doesn’t want to worry about finding the next electrical outlet.

V800xpt1withkbThe most interesting design feature of the Advueu is including a full keyboard that fits in an organizer type binder that also carries the Tablet.  This provides you with the benefits of a convertible while still honoring the true slate form factor.  The 512 MB of memory and 40 GB hard drive should be plenty to fully realize the potential of this Tablet PC.

Unfortunately the worst design choice that Advueu made was going with a Transmeta Crusoe CPU, which is no doubt why the battery life is so good.  If they only put a Pentium M in this little sucker.  No word on pricing for the V800XPT-2 but a search on newegg shows they have several refurbished PT-1s which is the earlier model with only 256 MB of memory and a 30 GB hard drive.  These can be picked up for only $868 which is actually a pretty good way for those who are interested in trying a Tablet PC to do so without spending too much.  Full specs after the jump.

8.4-inch SVGA full-color screen for portrait or landscape viewing

Processor: Transmeta Crusoe 800MHz 

Keyboard with touchpad fits into protective carrying case

Memory: 512 DDR RAM

Digital pen and AAAA batteries

Included long duration battery:
Up to 6 hours extended battery life

Built-in 4-in-1 Card Reader

PC camera:
Built-in CCD camera 640×480 for video conferencing

Operating System:
Powered by Windows XP Tablet Edition.

40GB Hard drive

Integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet & USB connectivity


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